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Professional Work

I am currently working as a LiveOps Game Designer at Bohemia Interactive on the game DayZ.

The game is played by several hundred thousand different players every day. DayZ is available on Steam, Playstation and Xbox via Game Pass.

We bring 3 or 4 updates per year to the game. Updates are adding new content, new features, balancement of game mechanics and bug or inconsistency fixes.

Update 1.22

For the update 1.22, I worked on the addition of new backpacks in DayZ. I designed statistics for these backpacks to be entertaining for players in the game.

I have also been working on rebalancing melee combat. I have redefined the armour and damage of melee weapons. Weapon damage and armour are now easier for players to read during combat.

To playtest those changes, on our experimental, I have designed a special map/mission where players were able to fight eachother in an arena and give their feedbacks.

These changes are also an improvement for the future, it will be easier to define these statistics when adding a new item.

Update 1.21

Update 1.21 saw the addition of a new weapon to the game, the hunting crossbow. I organised a few playtest sessions to design and balance the crossbow in the game.

This update was also an opportunity for me to rework the fall damage system and everything that surrounds it, such as leg injuries and the various feedback for players.

I also worked on the possibility for players to destroy accessories on weapons by shooting on it. I had to use the company’s tools to make all these accessories breakable. I had to do coding in C++ and modify some of the hitboxes in the internal 3D tool.

More examples of my work can be seen in the community videos below.

Update 1.20

As I joined the project a little before the release of the 1.20 update, I only had the opportunity to work on the UX/UI design, mainly correcting a lot of inconsistencies in the layouts that had different alignments and sizes. But I also implemented from A to Z a box of tips and hints during loading screens. From the proposals to the final result, adding quotes in English, that’s the main work I did for this update.

devELOPPER stream

Finally, I would like to add here a little dev stream I did in July 2023 to showcase the arena I designed for the melee weapons and armours rebalancing, but also to encourage the community to give feedback on the project.

It was great fun, and a good way for me to show off my work to the community.

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