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ROLLING Football

What is “rolling football” ?

Rolling Football is a 2v2 sports brawl game where you have to get the ball into your opponents goal atop your trusty rolling machine, all the while beating the pulp out of the enemy team.

Dodging, Charging, Striking, Rolling, Passing the ball around ; There is no such thing as a low blow in this arena.

How the game works ?

Rolling Football is a 4 players local multiplayer game based on soccer rules. You need to throw the ball in the opponent’s goal.

In Rolling Football, you are able to charge your opponent to push him out of the action. There is also a dodge mechanic to counter the charging one. Each player have also the possibility to use a boost to create an epic escape with the ball in order to score. 

What was my job there ?

As a producer and a game designer in this class group, I mainly worked on different things.

First I fully worked on the game design document. We used google document, so our developers can easily access it. Later in the project I also ran multiple playtests sessions, multiple during the Alpha state of the game (mainly based on user experience testing), and some during the beta state of our game to catch a maximum amount of bugs to correct.

I also worked on the UI design, I designed the UI from scratch by using adobe XD, photoshop and illustrator. Once everything was designed and prototyped in XD, I developed it on unity.

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