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Looping Sheep

What’s Looping Sheep ?

Looping Sheep is a puzzle platformer game made in 4 days during a gamejam.

In this puzzle game you will play as 4 sheeps in 4 different timeloops.

Every 10 seconds you will control a sheep to solve a platform puzzle, at the end of the loop,
you play as a new sheep but remember that the first one is going to redo the path you did before.

Use your 4 sheeps to join the yellow platform, try to have 3 sheeps in that zone to win 3 stars !


What was my job there ?

I worked on the game design, I designed the one page concept quickly and all other documents to work as soon as possible with my two artist colleagues.

I also developed the game from scratch in c# on Unity. On day one, I already started to have a functionnal prototype to show and to start playtesting.

Movements feedbacks were the most important thing, for example we decided to add the possibility to throw a sheep from his head while the player is jumping.

With it, the player can do some intuitives moves without any tutorial.

Our objective as game developers was to develop a puzzle game based on timeloops where everyone can play it easily.

Is it working ?

By having a prototype as soon as possible, we discovered that we could do more playtests than other projects. We understood quickly what was fun to play and what was not.

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