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What is “Gravity Grab” ?

Gravity Grab is a 1v1 shooter in which you try to eject your friends off of the arena you’re fighting in into the deadly lasers around ; all the while floating in the zero gravity environment of an alien planet.

Use your trusty grappling hook fly across the map and launch rubble around in order to overwhelm and push your enemy out of the arena.

How the game works ?

Gravity grab is a First Person local multiplayer game where the player can play with the mouse and the keyboard or both can play with a controller.

This game is based on a constant zero gravity environement, each player have to push the other one on walls. 

Each rock have his own size and shape. The game generate and place them procedurally to have a different fight each time the player launch a game.

What was my job there ?

I mainly worked on game design and gameplay programming. It was really challenging to dévelop a true zero gravity environment and to makes it playable on a split screen game.

We had some uncertainties on some features but we always found a solution to get around some obstacles. For example in our game design document we decided to have a 2D compass on top of the screen to indicate the other player position. But we discovered that it was too much complicated to develop and also it wasn’t giving that much informations for the player. So we did this 2D map and we tested it during our playtest sessions.

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