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Paulo and Ksplorer

What’s Paulo and Ksplorer ?

This game is a 3D top-down coop party game made in 2 days for my school’s gamejam, by 4 students from Lyon, and I.

In this coop game you play as two astronauts from a small country who wants to reach the moon in a cheap rocket.

You will need to keep this rocket safe in order to reach the moon. Your main reactor will overheat, water will leak from your reserve and much more.

HOW THE GAME works ?

As I said before the main objective is to reach the moon without exploding your rocket.

To avoid an overheating of your reactor you need to throw water on it. The reactor produces wastes and you need to toss them in the recycler, which will have snowball effects if you are not fast enough.

Here is a small diagram showing how the differents our rocketship interact with eachother.

What was my job there ?

I worked on different parts of the game such as the brainstorming, level design, code, and UI.

At the start of the jam, we decided to make a coop party game. With a game designer teammate we brainstormed on wich mecanics can be fun to play and I started prototyping.

I also worked on the level design to balance the movement of our two astronauts and to help the environment artist !

And also on the UI, with the help of a great artist !

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