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The fall

What is “The Fall” ?

The Fall is a simple strategy game made in ~6 days for “Historically Accurate Game Jam”.

You play as the emperor during the fall of the Roman Empire, and you have to rule over 4 aspects : Military, Economic, Religion and Social. Each turn, you select a theme, and you have to make a choice. Make good decisions, and try to survive until 476 to be victorious. If one of the 4 aspects reaches 0, you lose.

How the game works ?

On each round the player needs to choose a card with a theme, this theme card is going to influence the choosen gauge as well as an unknow one.

The gauges change after the player’s decision.

Some cards will have more impact on a theme than others.

The player needs to survive around 50 years (50 rounds).

What was my job there ?

I mainly worked on writing and balancing cards. I used a simple mindmap software to have a diagram on the card balancing system.

I also wrote all cards by simply using a google doc, and shared it with my teammate (the developer).

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